Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Will my face be red after my facial?

Depends on the facial you choose. If you have a micro-retinol peel, then you will have mild pinkness for a couple days. Also, if you flush with heat you may have some redness for a half-hour or so. I use steam/hot towels, and the heat can make skin appear rosy. If you wish to leave without redness, I can substitute other techniques for the ones involving heat. Otherwise, no your complexion will not be red.

Should I take off my makeup before coming in for my facial?

That is not necessary. The first step to each facial is to remove makeup and cleanse the skin. Come on in how ever you are!

Do I have to wear anything special to my facial?

When you arrive for your treatment, you will be put in your private room to change into a bath wrap. The table will be set with linens (for added privacy) and a blanket (if needed for warmth).

Why do I always have blackheads?

Blackheads are created by ingredients put on the skin. Ingredients like mineral oil, alcohol, artificial fragrance or witch hazel (to name a few) all dry out the top layer of the epidermis creating the perfect environment for blackheads and other blemishes to form. As the ingredient dries out the top layer, dead skin cells accumulate and stick to each other. As the dehydration increases over subsequent applications, the pore can no longer successfully deliver the oil to the skin’s surface and it becomes trapped in the pore. As more oil arrives the pore begins to dilate the pore and then it turns black from oxidation. You can enjoy a complexion free of blackheads! Select a facial and learn how to stop the cycle of blackheads and other blemishes.

Will I look like I've had extractions after my facial?

After I have prepared the skin, I will do whatever extractions are needed (if you want me to). I deeply cleanse and exfoliate the skin in preparation for the extractions. My technique is very gentle and effective. Following the extraction, I use a high-frequency machine to reduce swelling and redness so the extraction is not noticeable and so all blemish-causing bacteria is extinguished from the epidermis. This causes the inflammation to subside, leaving your complexion calm.

If I wear contact lenses, should I take them off before my treatment?

The only treatments that it is necessary to remove contact lenses is lash tinting and lash flares. All other treatments you can leave your lenses in your eyes.

Why do I breakout right before my period starts?

Just before your period starts, progesterone levels drop and estrogen levels rise. This can trigger your sebaceous glands to secrete more sebum (oil). If your skin is dehydrated from lack of water intake, or dehydrated from drying ingredients, or from the oily mantle being removed through over-washing or astringents, then the oil gets trapped and then infected.

Is there anything I can do to prepare for my waxing appointment?

You can take an ibuprofen 30 minutes before your appointment time. Everyone has a different level of pain tolerance. Most are only mildly uncomfortable during waxing, but the ibuprofen lessons the discomfort.

Can I get an infection from the wax pot?

We use Nufree wax. Nufree wax contains anti-bacterial, anti-microbrial agents that make the existence of bacteria in our wax pot impossible, eliminating the possibility of infection.

Why do I get ingrown hairs?

When hair is cut through shaving the possibility of an ingrown hair is greatly increased. This is because the hair is cut at its thickest part and then it dips below the skin’s surface. As it grows back in the thick edge of the hair-shaft catches on dry skin cells and starts to roll up. Ingrown hairs can occur with waxing also if the skin is dry from comedogenic ingredients frequently found in body washes and soaps. Drying ingredients create a barrier on the skin of dry skin cells that prevent the easy passage of the new hair creating the ingrown hair. To prevent use our after-wax care product “Finipil”, use non-drying ingredients to cleanse, and a clean wash cloth to exfoliate. Loofas, bath puffs, and sponges bring bacteria to clogged pores.

What does "comediogenic" mean?

Something that is comedogenic has a propensity to clog pores and potentially lead to acne. Common ingredients that are comedogenic are mineral oil, artificial fragrance, alcohol, and many chemicals and preservatives added to skin care products. Anything that dries the skin is comedogenic. Think of your skin with its natural layer of sebum, dewy and fresh. When the oil is released from your dermis it comes up through the pore and is attracted to the oil on the skin’s surface (which helps pull it up onto the surface). As it is released onto the surface of the skin, then it becomes part of the acid mantle (oil and sweat), which protects the skin from bacteria and also keeps it pliable and free from fine lines.

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