I carry the full-line of jane iredale cosmetics. The reason is because they are the “good for your skin” makeup company, so using their makeup does not cause breakouts, black heads, dry skin or other irritations. For example their primer is packed full of vitamins so while it primes your skin for makeup, it is feeding your skin a serum. Have you ever had your eyeshadow crease? That is because it contains ingredients that are pulling the oil out of your skin!! These oils are needed to keep you from getting fine lines and wrinkles. Every product jane iredale creates is all-natural and non-drying.

A complimentary color match is available to any customer. It is 15 minutes long. I can match your skin tone to a foundation and explore bronzers, blushes, shadows and many different lip care, lip color products. Good for your skin sunscreen is available in a translucent powder (great for everyone but particularly blonds that struggle with scalp burns). Also I have Image skin care suncreen, Pevonia sunscreen, Pevonia Youth Renew spf 30 tint, jane iredale Dream Tint with 15 spf. Also a whole range of colors in pure pressed powders and loose powders with a powerful, all-natural 30 spf

If you are looking for a full application for a party, pictures or just for a special date, the price is $30. The application includes primer, foundation (your choice of powder, tint, mineral makup or full coverage), blush or bronzer, lip treatment, shadow, liner and mascara. I will provide for you tips for your at home recreation of your fresh look.

This service is 15 minutes long and is enough time to match foundation, choose eye shadow color or lip tint shade. The session is all yours to give direction. Enjoy as many as you wish! Each time you run out of a cosmetic, consider replacing it with jane iredale cosmetics – the good for your skin cosmetic. All tints come from nature and the makeup is free from artificial fragrance (drying), talc (drying) and dyes. Ever wonder why your shadow cakes during the day? It’s because the shadow is attracting oil, absorbing it. With jane iredale cosmetics you enjoy a completely non-comedogenic makeup line. Beautiful colors and gorgeous coverage. Select this complimentary add on service and reserve 15 minutes to explore whatever you wish!

15 Minutes


Includes foundation, blush or bronzer, lip color/gloss, eye shadow and mascara. Color match included, as well as instruction and tips.

30 minutes


Current Special


Suzanne Snyder


35 Sixth Street, Dover, NH 03820