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Everyone enjoys looking and feeling their personal best. My goal is to improve your complexion (with your help) and to enhance your beauty with makeup, waxing, body wraps or tinting. Your complexion is the foundation of your personal appearance. Many times complications in our complexion are created by ingredients in one of our skin care products. Your skin has the ability to maintain balance if left to its own care, with hydration and nutrition of course. My job is to bring to your awareness the ingredients that are drying your skin (causing fine lines, wrinkles), clogging your pores (blackheads, blemishes) or creating a red, “rashy” situation. I will give you a thorough skin analysis and discuss with you key problem ingredients. Removing the offending ingredients results in almost immediate improvements to the skin. Mineral oil, alcohol and artificial fragrance (to name a few) are all part of the problem and when removed from the routine the skin begins to stabilize. I will provide thorough exfoliation to remove the build up of dry, dead skin cells and also extract blackheads to open up the pores. Any other blemish will also be addressed with extraction and a high-frequency treatment to stop bacteria in its tracks and to heal (oxygenate cells), reduce redness and swelling. We will go from there together to formulate a plan to keep your skin clear and healthy. Protection is very important as well, since 80% of aging comes to us from the sun. The product you use to protect your skin can also dry, clog or cause a rash. I have 6 choices for sun protection that promotes healthy cells and protects your youth!

Sun protection is very important for all ages! The sooner you get started the better, but its not to late to begin. The damage done by the sun’s rays are not visible for years, even decades. Using sun protection doesn’t mean you can’t have some pigment, but it does mean you can’t burn. Protecting the skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays is essential. Think of your patio furniture. If left uncovered and out in the sun, it becomes weak and when someone sits on it, it stretches and breaks. Same is true of our skin. We must cover it or protect it, or the elastin and collagen connections will weaken and break. To add color consider a tinted sunscreen (I have 3 choices), or a faux tan by jane iredale cosmetics. Liquid minerals with Pevonia sunscreen is a great choice also. You will see the different choices for sun protection that adds color, and protects your treasured youth when you visit.

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Spa Packages

Queen Bee - The Royal Treatment

Emerge from your Queen Bee Package a new creation. All the dead, dry skin is gone and your skin cells are hydrated and nourished. A youthful glow will be yours! The treatment begins with a full-body polish (exfoliation), the full-body wrap of your choice and a customized facial.

Body polish, wrap and facial

Signature Special

Begin your treatment with an aromatherapy foot soak, scrub and massage (includes a foot mask and a paraffin dip). Your feet will be refreshed and hydrated. Then enjoy a customized facial for your skin type. All using Pevonia Botanica all-natural products.

Happy Feet and Customized Facial


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